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Educational Travel and Global Citizenship

Michael A. Tarrant, Lee Stoner, William T. Borrie, Gerard Kyle, Roger L. Moore, Annette Moore


We examined whether participation (n = 623 students) in educational travel programs influenced support for environmental policies across different citizen types (justice-oriented, participatory, personally responsible, and non-citizen). Findings showed that (1) participation increased support for environmental policies across all groups, (2) justice-oriented citizens reported the highest support, while non-citizens demonstrated the lowest support, and (3) significant interaction effects suggest these main effects cannot be interpreted without considering the effects of (a) destination/country and (b) student major. If educational travel programs are to respond to calls to foster global citizenry, they should focus less on promoting personal responsible citizenry and more on a critical assessment of the justice issues surrounding global environmental problems.


Educational travel; study abroad; global citizenship; environmental policies; curriculum development; leisure studies; tourism

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