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Table of Contents

Invited Articles

Consider the Kirtland’s Warbler PDF
Daniel L. Dustin, Keri A. Schwab 1-8
Comment on Dustin and Schwab Paper “Consider the Kirtland’s Warbler” PDF
J. Douglas Wellman, Philip S. Rea 9-12
Comment on Dustin and Schwab Paper “Consider the Kirtland’s Warbler” PDF
Dennis Howard 13-16
Comment on Dustin and Schwab Article “Consider the Kirtland’s Warbler” PDF
Heather Gibson 17-20
Comment on Dustin and Schwab Article “Consider the Kirtland’s Warbler” PDF
Cary McDonald 21-22
Reflections on Inter-Species Parasitism: A Rejoinder to Gibson, Howard, McDonald, Wellman, and Rea PDF
Daniel L. Dustin, Keri A. Schwab 23-26

Research Articles

The Experience of Learning/Teaching Qualitative Research Approaches: An Ethnographic Autobiography PDF
Karla Henderson, Linda Oakleaf, Penny James, Jason Swanson, Annette Moore, Michael Edwards, Benjamin Hickerson 27-42
“I’m Present, ‘A’ Please”: A Case Study Examining Grading Issues in a Recreation Curriculum PDF
H. Joey Gray 43-60
Using Wheelchair Sports to Complement Disability Awareness Curriculum Among College Students PDF
Neil R. Lundberg, Ramon B. Zabriskie, Kevin M. Smith, Keith W. Barney 61-74
Accreditation and Educational Quality: Are Students in Accredited Programs More Academically Engaged? PDF
James S. Cole, Shu T. Cole 75-90

Learning Activities

“Take Back Your Time”: Facilitating a Student Led Teach-In PDF
Linda A. Heyne 91-96
“Operation Recreation: Adventure Challenge”: Teaching Programming through Problem-Based Learning Theory PDF
Cathryn Haas, Nathan Furman 97-102
A Day Hike Designed to Promote Environmental Literacy PDF
Garett Hutson 103-108
Parlamentary Pastries: Learning Parlamentary Procedure through Cookies PDF
Rachelle H. Tuopence 109-114
Teaching Students to Analyze Agency Actions via a Nepa Analysis Approach PDF
Paul M. Whitworth 115-120

Resource Reviews

Teaching with movies: Recreation, Sports, Tourism, and Physical Education PDF
Laurel P. Richmond 121-122
Making a difference in academic life: A handbook for Park, Recreation, and Tourism educators and graduate students PDF
Vinod Sasidharan 123-124
Leadership and Administration of Outdoor Pursuits PDF
Gregor Kay 125-126
The pivotal role of leisure education: Finding personal fulfillment in this century PDF
Ruthie Kucharewski 127-128
The processing pinnacle: An educator’s guide to better processing PDF
Jennifer L. Hinton 129-130
Research in Recreation, Parks, Sport, and Tourism PDF
Merry Moiseichik 131-132

ISSN: 2162-4097