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Table of Contents

Research Articles

Internships in Leisure Services: An Analysis of Student and Practitioner Perceptions and Expectations PDF
Brent A. Beggs, Craig M. Ross, Julie S. Knapp
An Examination of the Factors Contributing to Student Satisfaction with their Overall Academic Experience PDF
Scott Forrestor
Professional Journal Research: An Analysis of Five Leisure Research Journals and Who is Publishing in the Field of Recreation PDF
Joseph A. Gaa, Merry Moiseichik, Anne C. Marx
The New and Relocating Recreation and Parks Faculty Market: The Factors Affecting Job Decisions PDF
Nancy J. Gladwell, Denise M. Anderson
Project-Based Learning in a Public Park and Recreation Agency: Multidimensional Approaches to University Student Learning PDF
J. C. Norling, Kiboum Kim, David M. Compton, Kenneth Silverberg
Making Your Point: The Impact of Processing Techniques on Classroom Activities PDF
Karen Paisley, Jim Sibthorp, Lisa Jorgensen
Assessing the College Classroom with Unobtrusive Measures PDF
Ruth V. Russell, Agnes Kovacs
Teaching Management in a Recreation Curriculum: Application of Reality-Based Learning PDF
Sarah J. Young, Susan A. Myllykangas

Learning Activities

An Introduction to the Dark Side of Leadership and Management PDF
Linwood B. Clayton
The Risk Management Exercise: A Practical Learning Activity for Legal Courses in Recreation and Sport PDF
Daniel P. Connaughton, John O. Spengler
Student Self-Management through Contract Administration PDF
Lee J. deLisle
Historic Figure Investigation and Polis Discussion PDF
Rudy Dunlap, Gwynn Powell, Joy James
The Use of the Multiple Intelligences Inventory in the Classroom PDF
Jody H. Hironaka-Juteau
Recreation Activity Prescription PDF
Ruthie Kucharewski, Eric Longsdorf
The Immersive Situation Circuit PDF
Michael Lück
A Hands-on Assignment about Public Lands and Demographic Issues in the West PDF
Amy L. Sheaffer
Object Oriented Learning and Testing PDF
Kim S. Uhlik
Expanding the Traditional Classroom via Experiential Learning PDF
Brent D. Wolfe, Fredrick P. Green

Resource Reviews

The therapeutic value of creative writing PDF
Stephen C. Anderson
Fun and games in twentieth century America: A historical guide to leisure PDF
Mary G. Parr
Nature Noir: A Park Ranger's Patrol in the Sierra. Boston PDF
Gail A. Vander Stoep
Last child in the woods: saving our children from nature-deficit disorder PDF
David Todt

ISSN: 2162-4097