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Table of Contents

Research Articles

The Use of Externally Funded Graduate Assistantships by College and University Recreation and Leisure Studies Programs PDF
Eric L. Longsdorf, Bruce W. Groves
On-line Quizzes: Putting Technology to Work to Aid Student Performance PDF
David R. Vaught
"Oh, I get it now!" - Autobiographical writing as fostering understanding of gender and leisure interactions PDF
Charlene S. Shannon
Body of Knowledge for a Tourism Curriculum: Revisited PDF
William L. Obenour, Julie Lengfelder, Jackie Cuneen
Re-Conceptualizing Service as a Critical and Integral Role for Faculty in Recreation and Leisure Studies PDF
Cheryl A. Estes
An Examination of Multicultural Awareness and Sensitivity of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Educators PDF
Nancy J. Gladwell, Charlsena F. Stone
A Case for Using Locally Relevant Case-based Instruction in Recreation Education PDF
Jim Sibthorp, Peter Ward

Learning Activities

The Horseshoe Club: A Case Study of Deviant Leisure PDF
Heather E. Bowen, Margaret J. Daniels
CSI in the Classroom: Using Crime Solving Games to Teach Research and Evaluation PDF
Erick T. Byrd, Leandra A. Bedini
Experiential Learning Activities for Teaching About Leisure and Spirituality PDF
Paul Heintzman
Preparing for Camp Fairs: Strategies to Help Students PDF
Kevin W. Riley, Melanie Mitchell
Maximizing the Potential of Journals: A Workshop for Recreation and Leisure Students PDF
Timothy S. O'Connell, Jenet E. Dyment
Using Wheelchair Simulations to Teach About Inclusion PDF
Richard Williams, John Dattilo

Resource Reviews

Youth Work: Emerging Perspectives in Youth Development PDF
Corliss Outley
Take back your time: Fighting overwork and time poverty in America PDF
Jason Davis
Study guide for the therapeutic recreation specialist certification examination PDF
Nancy Nisbett

ISSN: 2162-4097