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Table of Contents

Invited Articles

The Is, the Ought, and the In Between: A Professor's Life PDF
Daniel L. Dustin

Research Articles

Metaphor Analysis: Connecting Leisure to Practice PDF
Mary G. Parr, Mary Mathieu
Rethinking Philosophy of Leisure: A Proposal for Including More Humanism in the Curriculum PDF
Cheryl A. Estes
Accreditation and Academic Quality: A Comparison with Healthcare Accreditation PDF
Ramon B. Zabriskie, Bryan P. McCormick
Increasing Diversity among Students in Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Studies Curricula: A Case Study PDF
Leandra A. Bedini, Charlsena F. Stone, Terri L. Phoenix
Constraints to College Students' Participation in Educational Travel PDF
Yun-Fang Wang, Kathleen L. Andereck, Christine A. Vogt
Exploring Student Perceptions of Involvement in Professional Recreation Organizations PDF
Ingrid E. Schneider, Randy J. Virden
"Some of My Best and Closest Friends are to be Found There": Faculty Perceptions of the Cancellation of a Professional Conference PDF
Ellen Weissinger

Resource Reviews

Leadership for recreation and leisure programs and settings (2nd Ed.). PDF
Judith A. Kennison
21st century leisure: Current issues
Heather Gibson
Programming for parks, recreation, and leisure services: A servant leadership approach and steps to successful programming; A student handbook to accompany programming for parks, recreation, and leisure services: A servant leadership approach. PDF
Rob Stiefvater
Research methods in park, recreation, and leisure services; Evaluative research in recreation, park, and sport settings: Searching for useful information. PDF
Maridith A. Janssen
Leisure studies: Prospects for the twenty-first century. PDF
Matt Zuefle
Teaching Through Creative Writing: Integrating Abstract Concepts into Stories Makes the Subject Come Alive for Apprehensive Learners PDF
Ruth V. Russell


Teaching: A Difficult and Ever Evolving Process PDF
Deborah L. Kerstetter

ISSN: 2162-4097