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Table of Contents

Invited Articles

How Healthy Is Your Curriculum?: Challenges for Survival PDF
Wendy Z. Hultsman
Challenges and Trends in Higher Education PDF
Marilyn A. Jensen

Research Articles

An Application of Importance-Performance Analysis to Faculty Evaluation: A Case Study PDF
Craig Ross
Family Life Experiences: Discovering the Meaning of Leisure Concepts with Active Learning Strategies PDF
Irma O'Dell, K. L. Siegenthaler
From The Generation X Files: How One Academic Department Defended Students' InALIENable Rights To Shop Till You Drop For A Major PDF
Joy Joyner, James T. Petersen
Inclusion of Diversity in Leisure Services Curricula PDF
Laura Valerius, M. Jean Keller, Eva I. Doyle, John R. Collins, Jr.
Seeking Active Collaboration in a Comprehensive Fieldwork System for Therapeutic Recreation: A Case Example PDF
Thomas K. Skalko, Younghill Lee, Raychul Goldenberg

Resource Reviews

Nature tourism: Managing for the environment; Ecotourism: A guide for planners and managers. PDF
Norma Nickerson
Rethinking tourism and ecotravel: The paving of paradise and what you can do to stop it. PDF
Samuel V. Lankford
Tourism community relationships. PDF
William C. Norman
Keys To Successful Tourism Development: Lessons from Niagara; Multi- Cultural Tourism Development in America. PDF
Sarah L. Richardson
Rural tourism development training program; The environmental tourist: An ecotourism revolution PDF
Ingrid E. Schneider, Kevin Larkin
Green Travel Email List and Chat Group,; Green Travel website,; The Ecotourism Society website,; El Planeta Platica; Eco Travels in Latin America, PDF
Patrick T. Tierney


University Teaching—A Very Personal Perspective PDF
John L. Crompton

ISSN: 2162-4097