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Table of Contents

Invited Articles

How Healthy Is Your Curriculum? : Challenges for Integrating Leisure and Health PDF
Wendy Z. Hultsman
Leisure, Physical Activity and Health Promotion: A Case for Integration PDF
Leonard M. Wankel
Leisure and Health Relationships: Challenges for Recreation Education PDF
Denis Coleman

Research Articles

New Directions in Resource Recreation Management: A Response to the Educational Challenge PDF
Dave Robinson, Robert Pfister, John Shultis, Ed Safford
Service-Learning: Connecting Practical Experience With Classroom Instruction PDF
Linda Ralston, Gary Ellis
Cooperative Learning in the University Classroom PDF
Ben F. Tholkes, Maurice Phipps
Antecedents of and Engagement in Impression Management Tactics Among College Students PDF
Laura Valerius, Mary G. Parr
Curriculum Design for a Disability Studies Minor: An Interdisciplinary Approach PDF
Janet Sable, Lou Powell, David Hagner, Stephen Lichenstein
Teaching Students with Stigmatized Disabilities: Identifying Critical Issues for Pedagogical Practice PDF
Gail R. Levine
The Core Body of Knowledge as Perceived by Therapeutic Recreation Students vs. Leisure Services Management Students PDF
Mary Greenwood Parr
My Mother, Myself: Using a Research Biography PDF
Karla A. Henderson, M. Deborah Bialeschki

Resource Reviews

Leadership in leisure services: Making a difference. PDF
Francis T. Hendrick
Recreation programming: A benefits driven approach. PDF
Mary G. Parr
Leisure & Human Behavior (3rd ed.) PDF
Roy Ramthun
Pastimes: The context of contemporary leisure. PDF
Kimberly J. Shinew
Recreation and Leisure in Modern Society (5th ed.) PDF
Jennifer K. Wesely


Influences Along the Journey: An Invited Commentary for Schole PDF
Gaylene Carpenter

ISSN: 2162-4097