Comparison Between Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the Leisure Ability Model: Theory to Practice


  • Amanda Ervin University of Lethbridge
  • Lyn G. Litchke Texas State University


This practice perspective looks at the connection between the Leisure Ability Model with an addition of a proposed category of spirituality and service to others (LAM-SS) and a lesser-known version of Maslow’s New Hierarchy of Needs-6th Level Approach that adds self-transcendence (MHN-6). Further, we draw parallels between MHN-6 and LAM-SS and illustrate the relationship with a sample application of this method for Therapeutic Recreation (TR) service delivery. Both MHN-6 and LAM-SS ascribe to the movement of an individual towards the intrinsic motivation that TRs can guide as part of treatment for patients and clients in our care. These findings may serve as a guide for TR practitioners to apply in their practice, facilitating both client and practitioner’s spiritual needs. 





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