NASPAA: The Public Administration Process and Approach Toward Accreditation


  • Kathleen Hale Auburn University



accreditation, NASPAA, public service values, peer review


In this article, I explore the NASPAA public administration approach to accreditation and its suitability for accrediting higher education content that focuses on nonprofits and philanthropy. Several factors suggest that the NASPAA public administration approach can serve nonprofit and philanthropy programs well, including its focus on public service values, status as professional accreditor, focus on educating programs for success, and its extensive use of peer review. Resource constraints pose challenges for any accreditation approach, and these are amplified by a rising culture of assessment within institutions and by increased faculty responsibilities. Although separate accreditation through NASPAA for a nonprofit or philanthropy specialization is untenable at this time, there is promise in considering the essential nature of nonprofit and philanthropy content in graduate degrees that focus on public service under the public administration umbrella of public service.





Contours of the Accreditation Purpose and Process