Media Representations of Race, Ability, and Gender in Three Outdoor Magazines: A Content Analysis of Photographic Images


  • R. Lee Frazer Fort Lewis College
  • Kelsey Anderson



advertising, diversity, media effects, media stereotypes, outdoor magazines, outdoor recreation


Research exploring the ways that media influences individuals and society includes investigations of all forms of news and entertainment mass media, including film, radio, television, newspapers, websites, books, video games, music, and magazines (World Bank, 2010). Numerous studies have explored, in particular, the negative effects of mass media on the psychosocial development of children and adults (Bryant & Oliver, 2009), including the formation of stereotypes and other misperceptions about race, gender, and ability (Common Sense Media, 2017; Mares & Kretz, 2015). Evidence also suggests media, particularly advertising, may reinforce unexamined, particularly racialized, assumptions about the demographics of outdoor recreation participation in the United States (Martin, 2004).

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