Selecting Target Markets-A Key to Effective Marketing


  • John Crompton


Target markets, segmentation, marketing, recreation and parks


The idenJ:!.fication and selection of target markets is a key marketing decision. It influences and directly determines all of the ensuing decisions regarding types of services, their distribution, pricing, and communication. Selecting target markets is a two stage process. The first stage is to divide a market into segments that constitute potential target markets. The paper briefly identifies the criteria required for delineating effective segments and describes the two alternate approaches that may be adopted in defining potential target markets. Common descriptions used to define segments are presented with examples intended to illustrate their application. The second stage in the process is to select which of the potential target markets the agency will endeavor to serve with a particular offering. Three alternate strategies for servicing the potential target markets are addressed and the dilemma that confronts agencies in prioritizing the potential target markets to be serviced is discussed.?





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