Learning Disabilities and Employment Before and in the Americans with Disabilities Act Era: Progress or a Bridge Too Far?


  • Paul J. Gerber
  • Cecilia G. Batalo
  • Edwin O. Achola


 The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and its amendments have been in existence for a little more than twenty years. Title One, which pertains to employment, has had a bearing on employment for persons with disabilities, particularly the high incidence category of learning disabilities, who for the most part work in competitive employment settings. This article examines two data sets - the research on employment of individuals with learning disabilities before and in the ADA era. Analysis shows that with the extant research, it is difficult to conclude that the ADA has made a significant impact thus far, despite testimonials of success in employment settings since its inception. Suggestions are included on how to pursue research in this area.