Adapted Physical Education Teachers Prior Training and Current Use of Action Research to Monitor Student Progress


  • David Adams Humboldt State University
  • Melissa Bittner California State University, Long Beach
  • Barry Lavay California State University, Long Beach
  • Lisa Silliman-French Texas Woman’s University


Action research, adapted physical education, physical education teacher training


Action research was first identified by Lewin (1946) as the continuous process of planning, action, observation, and reflection. The purposes of this study were to: (a) identify APE teachers in the United States who have previously taken a course that includes specific information on action research and the opportunities that were provided, (b) identify the type and level of training APE teachers believed they received within their teacher preparation program on action research, and (c) identify the level of support APE teachers perceive they receive from their school and districts in monitoring their student(s) progress. A 51-question online survey was designed to focus on action research by APE teachers. Participants reported receiving different components of action research within undergraduate and graduate programs. However, there is still a high percentage of teachers monitoring their students’ progress with a perceived lack of support from their school district.





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