Community-Based Adaptive Recreation: Using an Indoor Water Park for Adapted Kayaking


  • Kelly Gossett Kayak New Mexico
  • Catherine A. Tingstrom


Adapted kayaking, indoor waterpark kayaking


For children with a disability, participating in sports and recreational activities provide opportunities that promote inclusion, develop friendships, optimize physical functioning, improve self-esteem, and enhance overall well-being. With regard to water sports, carefully planned activities that are implemented to meet a child’s individual needs can contribute to psychosocial and cognitive development as well. Despite the numerous benefits, barriers exist that can limit the participation of individual with disabilities in an activity or sport program such as  high costs, lack of trained activity/sport professionals, and a lack of nearby facilities or programs. Individuals with disabilities frequently have difficulty finding a sport program that is appropriate for their functional and/or skill level. This article highlights an innovative adaptive kayaking program that is not only affordable, and utilizes trained volunteers but demonstrates a very creative way to utilize a popular community facility for an adapted recreation program. 

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