A Pedagogical Content Knowledge–Based Course Classification Process for Physical Education Teacher Education Curricula





PETE curriculum, course analysis, pedagogical content knowledge, PCK courses, curricular comparison


This study aimed to formulate a course classification process for identifying and classifying courses in the curriculum for physical education teacher education (PETE). The study recruited five experts in physical education (PE), PETE, and pedagogy. The participants were professors at a college in the Northeastern United States. The five participants were interviewed about how to identify a pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) course. A PCK-based classification process was formulated. Additionally, the second part of the study analyzed the curriculum of a PETE program in the Northeastern United States to elucidate the implication of the classification process. The PCK- based classification process can identify if a course is a PCK course and classify its level on the basis of the course syllabus. However, evaluators can collect evidence through additional paths, such as class observation. The process may increase the objectivity and credibility of the evaluation of the PETE curriculum and comparison studies.

Author Biographies

Dong Zhang, Soochow University

Physical Education and Sports School

Yan Luo, Fudan University

Faculty of Physical Education