A Qualitative Inquiry of Females’ Experiences With a Novel High School Intramural Program


  • Ken R. Lodewyk Brock University
  • Stephanie Beni Brock University
  • James Foley Brock University
  • Tricia Zakaria Physical and Health Education Canada
  • Denise Romy Mercier University of Ottawa




motivation, females, adolescent, physical activity, sport


Adolescent females’ disengagement from physical education, physical activity, and sport has been well documented. Participating in a quality intramural program could help to increase rates of adolescent females’ engagement in physical activity at school. This study was conducted with female students in four high schools in south-central Canada. A school-specific organizing committee consisting of an outside expert, teacher-lead, and several female student-facilitators designed and implemented a new optional intramural program rooted in best practices to 483 female students. Semistructured focus group interviews were held with 25 student-facilitators before and after the intramural intervention. There was a noticeable reduction in the females’ perceived barriers to being engaged in physical activity at school after the program intervention. Accommodating the intrapersonal, inter­personal, and environmental needs of adolescent females may help intramurals to counter the allure of more sedentary options at school.

Author Biographies

Ken R. Lodewyk, Brock University


Department of Kinesiology

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Stephanie Beni, Brock University

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

James Foley, Brock University

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences