Adapted Physical Education Service Delivery and COVID-19: Examination of Teacher Practices and Suggestions for Teacher Preparation Programs


  • Brock McMullen University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
  • Timothy Swenson University of Wisconsin-Platteville



The purpose of this study was to connect with adapted physical education (APE) teachers in PK–12 programs to explore service delivery practices and the impact COVID-19 had on those practices and gather teacher suggestions for APE teacher preparation programs. Seventeen teachers with comprehensive APE experiences were interviewed. Questions included a combination of general service delivery questions, how COVID-19 impacted the education environment, and suggestions to improve teacher preparation programs. Three interrelated themes emerged: (1) collaboration and communication, (2) special education process and legal knowledge, and (3) remote instruction and assessment. Participants provided a range of suggestions for teacher preparation programs to include as learning outcomes for preservice teachers. Findings suggest APE teacher preparation programs need to prepare students to work in an interdisciplinary school setting and be adaptable in an ever-changing environment.