PETE Students' Perceptions of a Healthy and Active Lifestyle


  • Carol Wilkinson Brigham Young University
  • Todd Pennington Brigham Young University
  • David Barney Brigham Young University
  • Barbara Lockhart Brigham Young University
  • Ron Hager Brigham Young University
  • Keven Prusak Brigham Young University


Participants were male and female students (n = 12) in a physical education teacher education (PETE) program with a healthy and active lifestyle management (HALM) focus, at a university in the Intermountain West. The purpose of the study was to examine PETE students' perceptions of a healthy and active lifestyle (HAL). Following inductive content analysis of interview data and field notes, a model including several themes and categories emerged. Knowledge of HALM led to students developing views of a HAL, which influenced their HAL behaviors. Other social influences had a positive or negative effect on students' HAL behavior. Students were mostly autonomously motivated to exercise, but many were extrinsically motivated in their diets. Recommendations include a holistic focus in PETE programs, with time allocated to teach students how to teach HALM skills.