TRJ Special Issue: Call for Papers


Special Issue: Call for Papers

Interprofessional Therapeutic Recreation/Recreational Therapy Practices and Education: Focus on Health and Quality of Life

Submission Dates:

Proposal: February 15, 2024

Manuscript: May 15, 2024

Publication: Issue 1 or 2 TRJ 2025

There is a need to advance interprofessional education and practice in therapeutic recreation/recreational therapy (TR/RT) and support the therapeutic recreation profession’s engagement in the global imperative to improve education and health outcomes (Khalili, et al., 2021). As a profession that promotes optimal health and quality of life, we are essential to the interprofessional team (Anderson & Heyne, 2021). For this special issue, we invite manuscripts from colleagues and (TR/RT) professionals with a focus on:

  • Innovative Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice (IPECP) involving TR/RT in collaboration with other professions
  • Conceptual papers highlighting the essential role of TR/RT on interdisciplinary teams in diverse settings
  • Role of International Classification of Function (ICF) in collaboration with other professions
  • Role of Intersectionality theory within ICF to assist in collaboration with other professions
  • Interprofessional Education among TR/RT curricula/programs—opportunities and challenges
  • Integration of interprofessional competencies into fieldwork and interprofessional TR/RT education 
  • TR/RT student perspectives of interprofessional education and practice 
  • Interprofessional collaborative practices and initiatives in various TR/RT practice settings 
  • Innovative collaborative research, practices, and education during health emergencies
  • Academic/Community partnerships affecting education and health outcomes
  • Strategies linking education and practice to improve health and education outcomes—National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education (NexusIPE™)
  • Evaluation models of interprofessional collaboration and education
  • Collegial developed healthcare case studies supporting TR/RT
  • Practice perspectives describing effective interprofessional TR/RT practices
  • Administrative support of Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice in TR/RT 


All papers are submitted electronically. 

To submit a paper, please go to All submitted articles should follow the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 7th edition, and the Therapeutic Recreation Journal guidelines. Submission steps, APA, and author guidelines are found online:

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Authors of accepted manuscripts will be requested to submit 10 multiple-choice questions and three objectives for their respective manuscripts.


(one 250-300 word paragraph): Due February 15, 2024 by email to Editor-in-Chief detailing:

  • Purpose of manuscript
  • Rationale/justification/relevance to topic
  • Type of manuscript (conceptual, theoretical; qualitative, quantitative, mixed-methods research; brief report; intervention/protocol; practice perspective/case study, systematic literature review)
  • Author(s) and relationship/topic expertise (contact information)


Marcia Jean Carter, Re.D., CPRP, CTRS, FDRT, FALS



Anderson, L., & Heyne, L. (2021). Therapeutic Recreation: A Strengths Approach (2nd ed.). Sagamore-Venture.

Khalili, H., Breitbach, A., Jensen, G., King, S., Maxwell, B., Nickol, D., Pfeifle, A., & Gilbert, J., (2021). Global leadership in IPECP research: An intro to co-creation of best practice guidelines. Journal of Interprofessional Education & Practice, 24 (online June 2021) 100445. This is an open access article under the CC BY license (