A Logotherapy Meaning-Centered Approach to Therapeutic Recreation Rooted in Centripetal Leisure


  • Rodney Dieser University of Northern Iowa




Centrifugal Leisure, Centripetal leisure, Logotherapy, Meaning-Centered Intervention, Viktor Frankl, therapeutic recreation


This paper describes a logotherapy meaning-centered therapeutic recreation model based on Viktor Frankl’s  will to meaning theory and his centrifugal and centripetal leisure dichotomy. This manuscript introduces a therapeutic recreation meaning-centered intervention grounded in existentialism and logotherapy, with its focus on human suffering-meaning potentials and self-transcendence. Therapeutic recreation application begins with an assessment focused on understanding the client’s values and meaning potentials then links leisure as a way to discover or experience meaning. Primary intervention strategies are search for meaning and Socratic and maieutic dialog linked to leisure interest finders to help clients experience centripetal leisure. The paper presents an intervention applying these strategies. A concluding section offers recommendations for education and research.

Article Resources:Readers may contact the author for further resources helpful to logotherapy and its use in therapeutic recreation:rodney.dieser@uni.edu


Author Biography

Rodney Dieser, University of Northern Iowa

Rodney B. Dieser Ph.D., CTRS, LMHC is Professor at the University of Northern Iowa in Health, Recreation, and Community Services and affiliated faculty in the Department of Counseling. He is credentialed as a Diplomat Clinician with the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy.





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