Integrated Wilderness Adventure: Effects on Personal and Lifestyle Traits of Persons With and Without Disabilities


  • Leo H McAvoy
  • E Curtis Schatz
  • Mary E Stutz
  • Stuart J Schleien
  • Greg Lais


Integration, Disabled, Wilderness, Camping, Outdoor Education


This research studies the effects of participation in an integrated wilderness adventure program on the personal and lifestyle traits ofpersons with and without disabilities. Participants in a national wilderness trip program, Wilderness Inquiry, were studied using both quantitative (trait anxiety scale) and qualitative (in-depth interview) methods. Results indicated that participation in an integrated wilderness adventure program can lead to positive attitude and lifestyle changes for those with and without disabilities. Positive changes included: attitudes toward persons of varying abilities, interpersonal relationships, confidence levels, willingness to take risks, feelings about self, goal-setting abilities, development of leisure skills, tolerance of stress, and an increased ability to approach new situations.





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