Factors Influencing Free Time Boredom in a Sample of Persons with Spinal Cord Injuries


  • Linda L Caldwell
  • Ellen Weissinger


Boredom, Competence, Leisure Satisfaction, Spinal Cord Injury


A study was conducted to identify variables that would significantly influence perceptions of free time boredom in persons with spinal cord injuries. An initial regression analysis was constructed in an attempt to conceptually replicate two previous models ofleisure boredom in non-disabled samples. Unlike the previously reported models, the present study found that perceived competence (R2 = .11), income (R2 = .07), and frequency ofleisure participation (R2 = .06) significantly influenced leisure boredom. The total adjusted R2 was .21. A second post hoc regression analysis was conducted in an attempt to identify additional variables that might contribute to variance in leisure boredom. Differences between the regression models and implications for therapeutic recreation specialists were discussed.



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