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Seeing the World Differently: An Analysis of the Impact of a Sport-Related Study Abroad Program on Global Mindedness

Carrie W. LeCrom, Gregory Greenhalgh, Brendan Dwyer


The purpose of this research was to determine whether there is a difference in

the global mindedness of students who have participated in sport-related study

abroad opportunities and those who have not. While a vast amount of research

exists on the impact of studying abroad in other fields, no research has been published

in the sport management field on how study abroad experiences impact students.

The current study surveyed alumni of a graduate program at a mid-Atlantic

university over a 12-year time frame. The course examined, offered once per year,

is a two-week trip to Western Europe that focuses on sport administration in that

region of the world. Surveys assessed the global mindedness of alumni, comparing

the results of alumni who had attended the trip to those who had not. Results

indicate that there were no statistically significant differences in global mindedness

between the two groups. When further broken down into the five dimensions

of the global mindedness scale, (responsibility, cultural pluralism, efficacy,

globalcentrism, and interconnectedness), the only factor in which the difference

between the two groups was statistically significant was cultural pluralism, indicating

that students who study abroad have higher levels of cultural pluralism

than those who do not.


global minded; study abroad; cultural differences; sport management; global

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