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Examination of Women’s Sports Fans’ Attitudes and Consumption Intentions

Ceyda Mumcu, Nancy Lough, John C. Barnes


To date, few studies have focused on understanding fans of women’s sport, which is especially true with regard to consumption intentions. This study was undertaken to 1) examine fans’ attitudes toward women’s sports, including both cognitive and affective evaluations as related to consumption intentions; 2) identify salient product attributes of women’s sports related to fans’ consumption intentions; and 3) examine group differences on attitudes. Multiple regression analysis and multivariate analysis of variance were conducted to address the research questions. Results of the study revealed that both cognitive and affective aspects of attitude were predictive of women’s sport fans’ consumption intentions. In addition, study results indicated excitement and entertainment price as two salient product attributes of women’s sports that predicted consumption intentions. Lastly, differences in attitudes between former athletes and nonathletes and age groups were found. 


Fan attitude; consumption intentions; women’s sports; sport marketing

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