The Reputation Playbook: Exploring How Reputation Can Be Leveraged to Improve Recruiting Effectiveness in NCAA Men’s Basketball


  • Marshall J. Magnusen Baylor
  • Charn P. McAllister Florida State University
  • Jun Woo Kim Arcadia University
  • Pamela L. Perrewé Florida State University
  • Gerald R. Ferris Florida State University



Coaching, management, signaling, sport, student-athletes


Reputation is a critical factor in the recruiting process. Organizational reputation also is a complex variable. Different dimensions of reputation may play very different roles in attracting recruits. In this study, a multidimensional (i.e., performance, character/integrity, support) reputation model is used to predict male basketball recruits’ university choice. Data were collected on the ESPN Top 100 male high school athletes recruited to NCAA Division I basketball programs for each year from 2010–2014 (n = 500). Probit regression analyses using maximum likelihood estimation predicted to what extent each reputation-based dimension affected the likelihood of an athlete selecting a university.Subscribe to JASM

Author Biography

Marshall J. Magnusen, Baylor

The primary goal of my research is to explore the nature of work relationships and apply the social influence and effectiveness processes literatures to sport management, with particular attention being paid to recruiting and personnel selection, organizational politics, and political skill  (i.e., social astuteness, interpersonal influence, networking ability, and apparent sincerity).