Collaborative Leadership: The Future of Nonprofit Contracting


  • Lauren Miltenberger Villanova University
  • Margaret F Sloan School of Strategic Leadership Studies James Madison University



contracting, collaboration, public service, nonprofit organizations


The cross-sector relationship between nonprofit organizations and government agencies has evolved over the past few decades, moving from a competitive model of contracting to a collaborative one, as shown in the literature. However, collaboration in the human service contracting system is a complicated endeavor. Nonprofit organizations are critical to the human service system, and implementing collaborative contracting arrangements from their perspective is a key component to the process. Founded on practitioner interviews, this research provides information from the nonprofit perspective on how to implement collaboration within the U.S. human service contracting system, a framework for understanding the elements in the contracting relationship, and recommendations for creating and sustaining collaborative contracting relationships.

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Author Biography

Margaret F Sloan, School of Strategic Leadership Studies James Madison University

Associate Professor of Strategic Leadership

Advisor, Nonprofit and Community Leadership Concentration

School of Strategic Leadership Studies