Introduction to Alliance for Nonprofit Management Papers


  • Judy Freiwirth Co-Editor of the Alliance’s Conference Papers JNEL Editorial Board Member


On behalf of the Alliance for Nonprofit Management and as the coeditor of this section of the journal, I am pleased to present four papers informed by the presentations and discussions at the Alliance’s 2015 national conference in Portland, Oregon. The Alliance is the national organization of capacity builders (consultants, funders, capacity-building organizations, and researchers), which strives to improve the effectiveness of individuals, groups, and organizations that help nonprofits and communities achieve positive social change. For the past several years, the Alliance has focused on the importance of research-based practice and capacity building and uses this platform to inform its work. This includes identifying and disseminating nonprofit research with practice implications, conducting original research by its members, encouraging capacity builders to base their work on evidence, and advocating for the importance of research-based practice to the larger nonprofit sector. 





Proceedings of the Alliance for Nonprofit Management 2015 National Conference