Equipping Future Nonprofit Professionals With Digital Literacies for the 21st Century





digital literacies, social media, education


Digital technologies now permeate the professional interaction, access, and distribution of information. Future nonprofit professionals must obtain the necessary skills and knowledge to leverage the power of digital technologies in an ethical and appropriate manner. The challenge for educators and their students moving into the profession-al realm involves the disruption of traditional forms of professional training through digital technologies. This paper demonstrates how technology is utilized to equip students with digital literacies through the evaluation of a course that included digital technologies. The course focused on communication, marketing, and digital activism in the nonprofit and voluntary sector. Data were gathered over four semesters, and findings indicate that through participation in the course students experienced growth in digital literacies across all domains. Educators can help prepare future professionals by equipping them with the necessary digital literacies to ensure they become competent professionals. Subscribe to JNEL

Author Biography

Jimmy A. Young, California State University San Marcos

Dr. Young has a range of practice experience from mental health to program evaluation and nonprofit administration. His research interests include nonprofit organizations and administration, social work education, community engagement and digital activism, and the use of technology such as social media social work education and practice.


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