Digital Literacy in Social Work Education: A Case Study Incorporating Technology and Social Media Within the Social Work Curriculum


  • Karen Zgoda Bridgewater State University
  • Kryss Shane



social work, digital literacy, communication skills, writing, technology, Twitter, social media, class activities, case study


To remain competitive and culturally competent, social work education must incorporate digital literacy and technological instruction to prepare students for work with clients and colleagues throughout their professional lives. When instructors offer a grounding in technology skills for modern social work practice and provide feedback to students in a supportive classroom setting, social work students become more confident and poised to handle the complications of technology and social media while interacting with clients, agencies, nonprofit organizations, and society as a whole. The purpose of this article is to present a case study of a social work course on classic and contemporary communication skills that focuses on communication, writing, and digital literacy, designed for BSU students. The article includes rationale for course development, course description, and sample digital writing activities from the course.Subscribe to JNEL

Author Biography

Karen Zgoda, Bridgewater State University

Karen Zgoda is an Instructor in the School of Social Work at Bridgewater State University and Simmons College. She has been nominated for the Presidential Award for Distinguished Part-time Teaching and serves as the Teaching and Technology Faculty Advisor for the Teaching and Technology Center at Bridgewater State University. Karen has been hosting online social work chats since 2000 and is currently a chat partner and host for the #MacroSW Twitter chats focused on macro social work practice. Karen previously wrote the SW 2.0 technology column for The New Social Worker Magazine and served as an AmeriCorps *VISTA member and project coordinator at CTCNet working on digital divide issues. Her research and pedagogical interests include technology in social work and education, macro social work, social policy, and research methods. Karen will begin her Ph.D. in Public Policy at University of Massachusetts-Boston in Fall 2017.






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