Research-Based Articles and Governance Case Studies


  • Norman A. Dolch


Three unique articles begin this issue. The first article is by Alaimo and Park, who examine the use of video on philanthropic and nonprofit studies programs.  It is the first critical analysis of this area of pedagogy published in JNEL and, for those who use videos in their classes, a must read.  The second article, by Brenning, deals with effectiveness of nonprofit organizations and policy in India.  This article has a strong discussion on classroom teaching and workshop presentation.  Not only will it be enjoyable to read, but it should trigger thoughts to improve your teaching regardless of whether that is in the academy or as a consultant in the field.  In the third article, Jones and Daniel share research on a technique to increase donor engagement and offer suggestions on the training of fundraising professionals.  All three articles are research based and offer extensive suggestions for teaching.Subscribe to JNEL






Editor's Note