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Fundraiser Education in the United States: Analysis of Existing University-Based Programs and Unique Training Needs

Tara S. Counts, Jennifer Amanda Jones


Fundraising is critical to the success of nonprofit organizations and a particularly unique area of nonprofit management education. Improvements to fundraiser education can echo throughout the sector, and more effective fundraisers will raise more charitable dollars for pro-social missions. However, little is known about fundraiser education. In this article, we identify the number and type of fundraiser education programs in the United States, analyze the scope of these fundraiser education programs, and identify and provide recommendations regarding the unique training needs of fundraisers. Specifically, we recommend fundraising training programs be accessible to practitioners, be holistic in nature, be attentive to the development of soft skills, and engender a desire for leadership—a desire to help donors and nonprofit organizations solve some of the world’s most intractable problems.

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fundraiser education; nonprofit management education; fundraising; philanthropy

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