Using eService-Learning to Practice Technical Writing Skills for Emerging Nonprofit Professionals


  • Del Bharath University of Nebraska at Omaha



eService-learning, nonprofit education, technical writing


Undergraduate students entering the nonprofit sector receive theoretical information on working in nonprofits but may need practical skills. Universities can assist in developing these practical skills through service-learning opportunities. Nonprofit courses and programs are increasingly being offered online and students may lack the opportunity to participate in traditional service-learning classes. Service-learning— linking service to course learning outcomes—as a pedagogy is transforming to meet the needs of these virtual classrooms. One key transformation is the rise of eServicelearning, a method that is mediated by technology and is delivered online. This paper discusses ways that eService-learning was effectively utilized in an online nonprofit course by students to practice technical writing skills. It provides an example of a project in which students developed practical skills and created a professional product for nonprofits. The paper also discusses challenges and successes with the project with recommendations for use by others.

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Author Biography

Del Bharath, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Del Bharath is a doctoral candidate at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. As a new instructor she uses eService-learning in the nonprofit courses she teaches online. The experience has made her become interested in eService-learning as a pedagogical tool for connecting students with theoretical information while providing service to the community.