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Service Learning in an Undergraduate Volunteer Management Course: A Comprehensive Learning Outcome Assessment Model

Laura M. Keyes, Hee Soun Jang


This teaching note explores service learning in undergraduate nonprofit education and offers outcome measures in a volunteer management course. Service learning is an important element in undergraduate nonprofit education, because undergraduate students may not understand the significance of the sector and may not recognize a career path. Based on relevant literature, this model tracks the progression of student achievement of academic learning, civic learning, and personal growth from their service-learning experience. We propose an outcome model that is a replicable and comprehensive outcome assessment tool. The methods of survey, focus group, reflections, and assignments provide a range of possibilities to understand the impact of undergraduate nonprofit teaching strategies. This replicable model of outcome assessment allows students to transform their learning experience into real marketable skills for their résumé.

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service learning; undergraduate nonprofit education; outcome measures

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