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NPO/NGO Higher Education Programs in South Korea: Social Movement and Entrepreneurial Management Drives

Bokgyo Jeong, Sung-Ju Kim


With an aim to articulate the reason of existence of nonprofit/nongovernmental (NPO/NGO) higher education in South Korea, this study examines the curriculum of NPO/NGO management programs in higher education institutions. This study postulates that the higher education curriculum in NPO/NGO management may reflect the main forces that have led to the development and evolution of South Korean nonprofit organizations, framed as social movement and entrepreneurial management. South Korea has showcased a civil-society-led democratization model. Its nonprofit organizations have faced an increased pressure for professional service provision and sustainable operation. This study proposes that the social movement drive outweighed the entrepreneurial management drive regarding the visibility in the NPO/NGO higher education. Recent program changes show that the entrepreneurial management drive has been strengthened in their curriculum. This study also observes a preferential pattern of ties to societal forces by disciplines.

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NPO/NGO higher education; nonprofit organizations; nongovernmental organizations, South Korean nonprofit sector; social movement; entrepreneurial management

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