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In Search of an Optimal Intersection: Reflections on Academic–Practitioner Collaboration in Japan

Aya Okada, Yu Ishida, Masahiro Yamamoto


How can we best create synergic relationships between academics and practitioners? This article documents and analyzes an ongoing research project on effective social media tactics for successful fundraising in Japan. Academic–practitioner collaboration in this context has not flourished to its full extent. Reflecting on our experience, we identify lessons learned for productive relationships between research and practice: proactively seeking interactive opportunities, exploring mutual strengths to bridge the gaps in mindset and perceptions, and understanding nonprofits’ level of readiness to share data and information. For the achievement of productive relationships between academics and practitioners, the article calls for emphasis on joint knowledge creation, wherein new ideas and insights are developed in collaboration, rather than unidirectional transfer, sharing, or diffusion of knowledge and experience.

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research–practice relationship; knowledge creation; nonprofit education; mobility; Japan

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