Lost in Translation? Critical Pedagogy in the Online Classroom





online learning, critical pedagogy, feminist pedagogy, nonprofit education


Critical pedagogies provide the tools for students and instructors to challenge the institutions and assumptions inherent in nonprofit education and practice that perpetuate the wicked problems of public service. Because of the high demand for online courses in nonprofit education, elements that have made critical pedagogy effective must find their place in the delivery of online education. We conducted a deep dive into the scholarship of nonprofit education to operationalize critical pedagogy. The discipline of nonprofit education possesses the tools of critical pedagogy in the faceto- face classroom but little evidence of online techniques. We synthesized pedagogical practice to incorporate critical pedagogy in the online nonprofit classroom. We provide a teaching schema rooted in critical pedagogy.

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Author Biographies

Kimberly Kay Wiley, University of Florida

Kimberly Wiley is an Assistant Professor of Nonprofit Leadership and Community Development in the Department of Family, Youth, and Community Sciences at the University of Florida. Her research areas include are nonprofit organizations, public policy, and their intersections.


Kelsea Hott, University of Illinois Springfield

Kelsea Hott is earned her master’s degree in Human Development Counseling at the University of Illinois Springfield. She served as the graduate assistant in the Department of Public Administration.