Accreditation and International NGOs: Issues and Challenges


  • John Hailey Centre of Charity Effectiveness Cass Business School



international NGO, civil society organizations, global challenges, nonprofit curriculum


In this opinion piece, I highlight the need for NACC to develop an accreditation process, but one that is suitable for and sensitive to curriculum and courses designed to meet the needs of international NGOs and local civil society organizations. I argue that any NACC accreditation process or assessment criteria needs to assess the relevance and depth of the curriculum and also the extent that it addresses the challenges inherent in the design of any curriculum designed for international NGOs or local CSOs. These include the diversity and vibrancy of the sector, the impact of the context and cultures in which they operate, the pressure that NGOs face to change the way they work, and the challenge of sustainability in light of the changing aid architecture.





Contours of the Accreditation Purpose and Process