Editor's Notes - Introduction to the Inaugural Issue of the Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership


  • Aram Attarian North Carolina State University


It's my honor and pleasure to introduce you to Volume 1, Issue 1 ofthe Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership(JOREL)! As many of you may know, the JOREL is the only peerreviewedjournal published in the United States with a specific focus onthe areas of outdoor recreation, education, and leadership. It's takenalmost 10 years for the JOREL to finally make it to publication. Whatstarted out as an idea in 2001 is finally here! It took the efforts and visionof a number of individuals from the Association of Outdoor Recreationand Education (AORE) Research and Publications Committeeover the years to make this publication possible. Individuals from theWilderness Education Association (WEA) joined the effort in 2007 andultimately, AORE, WEA, and the Western Kentucky University ResearchFoundation created a partnership to make this project a reality. I would like to extend a well-deserved thank you to each of you for your foresight and commitment to this endeavor.



Editor's Notes