One-Day Challenge Course Impact on Student Life Effectiveness Skills


  • Joseph P. Flood East Carolina University
  • Eric Gardner East Carolina University
  • Nelson Cooper East Carolina University


Challenge course, Life effectiveness skills, LEQ-H


This study investigated the impact a one-day challenge course programhas on college student's life effectiveness skills, as measured bythe 24-item LEQ-H self-reported questionnaire. The sample population(n=57) for this study was made up of college-aged students fromtwo class sections of a recreation and leisure introductory course.Analysis of t-tests of the two pre-test (baseline and pre course) measurementsshowed no significant differences in participant scores forseven of the eight LEQ Factors. Using t-test analysis of the pre andpost (treatment phase) LEQ-H scores for female participants indicatedsignificant increases for all eight LEQ-H domains (time management,social competence, achievement motivation, intellectual flexibility,task leadership, emotional control, active initiative, and self confidence)and for the overall LEQ score. In contrast, male participantsreported significant increases in only of one of the eight LEQ Factors(time management). Females reported moderate to large (.619 to .845)effect size scores and males reported small to moderate (.143 to .526)effect size scores, demonstrating that they did receive some benefitsfrom participation. Results strongly suggest that a one-day challengecourse program can have a significant impact on college students',particularly females', life effectiveness skills.



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