Pedagogical Dimensions and Environmental Attitudes in an Outdoor Recreation Course


  • Gregor Kay University of Southern Mississippi


environmental attitude, environmental awareness, outdoor recreation


This study examined the relationship between student involvement,outdoor recreation, course grades and environmental attitudes. Specificallythe study was of a collegiate level course entitled “OutdoorRecreation and Environmental Awareness.†The specific researchquestions addressed: 1.What are the interrelationships among collegestudent perceptions of the pedagogical dimensions of a course, theirgrades, and their environmental attitudes? 2. How do the aforementionedrelationships vary with respect to students' self-reported participationin outdoor recreation? 3. How do the aforementioned relationshipsvary with respect to selected demographic variables (e.g.,age, gender, academic classification, and academic major)? A pre-testpost-test design was used to examine relationships between studentperceptions of design variables (pedagogical dimensions) and cognitiveoutcomes, as indicated by course grades, and affective outcomes,as measured by environmental attitudes. In addition, the natureof relationships found was examined in light of several othervariables.



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