The Intersection of Community and Place in an Outdoor Orientation Program


  • Mathew L. Austin Ohio University
  • Bruce Martin Ohio University
  • Aiko Yoshino Ohio University
  • Kevin Schanning Northland College
  • Derek H. Ogle Northland College
  • Robin Mittelstaedt Ohio University


college orientation, outdoor orientation, sense of community, sense of place, wilderness orientation


This study investigated outcomes of a college outdoor orientationprogram that utilized 3, 4, 5, and 12-day adventure based trips. Senseof community and sense of place were measured using a one-samplepre/post-test design (n = 118). Paired sample t-tests were implementedto explore differences and, in general, students reported significantchanges following participation. Students demonstrated increasesin the number of their friends, trusted individuals, and 6 ofthe 7 factorial components measuring sense of community and senseof place (p < .05). The importance of community and place is discussed,highlighting suggestions and implications for future considerationin outdoor orientation programming.



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