Profiling Outdoor Leadership


  • Eric Brymer Queensland University of Technology
  • Tonia Gray University of Wollongong
  • Cathryn Carpenter Deakin University
  • Wayne Cotton University of Sydney


connectedness to nature, ecological attitudes, outdoor leaders, transformational leadership, transactional leadership


This paper examines the role outdoor recreation and education playsin the development of generic leaders who have a positive relationshipto the natural world. Three questionnaires (Multifactor LeadershipQuestionnaire - MLQ; the New Ecological Paradigm Scale -NEP; and the Connectedness to Nature Scale - CNS) were administeredonline to 104 international outdoor leaders through five onlinenetworks. The three instruments assessed the nexus of transformationalleadership theory and outdoor leadership. A descriptive analysisof early findings from the project are outlined in this paper. Theresults can be viewed as an appropriate platform for understandingoutdoor recreation and education leaders' ecological perspectives andthe generic, transformational leadership skills.



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