The Experience of Body Dissatisfaction and Body Change Behaviors among Young Adolescents in an Overnight Camp Setting


  • Jordana Linder University of Calgary
  • Shelly Russel-Mayhew University of Calgary
  • Carol E. Adair University of Calgary
  • Lindsay McClaren University of Calgary


body dissatisfaction, body change behaviors, adolescents, camp


Body dissatisfaction and body change behaviors were explored in young adolescent boys and girls attending an overnight summer camp. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with both campers and counselors at the summer camp to gain a better understanding of adolescent body-related attitudes and behaviors, with attention to peer influences. The camp setting provided a unique opportunity to study peer influences without other forms of social influence present. This study has implications for both the camp setting and other adolescent  environments by revealing dynamics related to enhancing or reducing body dissatisfaction and body change behaviors.




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