The Nature of Feedback in Adventure-Based Education


  • Scott Schumann University of Utah
  • Nathaniel Miles Millard Utah State University


Historically, adventure-based education research has focused on outcomes occurring from participation (e.g., Hattie, Marsh, Neill, & Richards, 1997) rather than the processes through which outcomes occur. More recently however, several studies have shed light upon mechanisms, which contribute to student learning (McKenzie, 2003; Paisley, Furman, Sibthorp, & Gookin, 2008; Schumann, Paisley, Sibthorp, & Gookin, 2009). The shift to process related research provides opportunity for the examination, improvement, and modification of educational approaches or “folk pedagogies†(Baldwin, Persig, & Magnuson, 2004, p. 168) which may be prevalent in practice but possess little empirical evidence supporting their implementation or describing their function in adventure-based contexts.