Obesity-Stigma and the “Why Try” Model: Implications for Outdoor Recreation Constraint Negotiation


  • Stephen T. Lewis Clemson University
  • Gretchen C. Newhouse University of Wisconsin – La Crosse


outdoor recreation, modified labeling theory, obesity-stigma, why try model


Outdoor recreation provides a multitude of opportunities for the promotion of health, wellness, and quality of life, and such benefits can be especially helpful in countering the negative effects of inactivity and health problems related to obesity. However, the stigma related to being overweight has a high likelihood of constraining or preventing participation in outdoor recreation activities for people who are significantly overweight. In order to better understand how outdoor recreation professionals might address obesity-stigma and promote outdoor recreation activities to this target population, the authors create a theoretical framework, building from a modified labeling theory, the “Why Try†Model.




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