Energy Balance Assessment of Students on a National Outdoor Leadership School Course


  • Cara Ocobock Washington University
  • John Gookin National Outdoor Leadership School
  • Sheila Baynes National Outdoor Leadership School


Proper energy balance and nutrition are paramount to the success and enjoyment of all participants on backcountry expeditions (Howley Ryan, 2008). Planning a diet that meets both the nutrient and caloric demands while also overcoming the packing, preservation, and cooking obstacles unique to the backcountry can be challenging. Current recommendations for such diets include estimates for the proper amounts of carbohydrates, protein, fats, and micronutrients (FAO/WHO/UNU 1985, Howley Ryan 2008). However, there are few direct measurements of the energetic needs of backcountry enthusiasts and athletes while in the wilderness (Rejc et al. 2010).