Undergraduate Perceptions Regarding the Debrief Process in Adventure-Based Learning: Exploring the Credibility of the Sunday Afternoon Drive Debrief Model


  • Paul T. Stuhr California State University San Marcos
  • Sue Sutherland The Ohio State University


adventure education, student-centered debrief


Adventure-based learning (ABL) has the potential to help teachers promote prosocial learning environments (Stuhr & Baringer, 2005; Stuhr, Sutherland, & Ressler, 2012). Within ABL, a student-centered debrief is essential in helping students make sense of intra- and interpersonal relationships (Sutherland, Ressler, & Stuhr, 2012; Stuhr et al., 2012). This study was conducted to determine further insight into the use of the Sunday Afternoon Drive debrief model (Sutherland, 2011) that was created for facilitators to maximize the effectiveness of the student-driven debrief. Findings indicated that using the Sunday Afternoon Drive debrief model increased student-centered facilitation. Recommendations for teacher educators include how to best help novice facilitators successfully implement the Sunday Afternoon Drive debrief model by providing: examples of meaningful and complete debrief sessions; opportunities to lead the debrief process; and critique sessions to point out to teacher candidates what did and did not work well during the debrief.



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