Examining the Motivation and Involvement of Chinese Rock Climbers


  • Chen Ding Texas A&M University
  • Michael A. Schuett Texas A&M University


motivation, enduring involvement, rock climbers, outdoor recreation


The purpose of this research was to investigate the motivations and involvement of Chinese rock climbers. Rock climbing has experienced considerable growth in many regions of China over the last decade, yet there is little published research on this outdoor recreation user group. A questionnaire was distributed on-site in Yangshuo, China in 2010 (n=256). A profile of the respondents showed a male-dominated sample with mean age of 31 years and active in indoor and outdoor sports climbing. Factor analysis of motivational items resulted in five dimensions: stress release & escape, achievement, experience nature & develop knowledge, experience adventure, and interaction with peers. Results for the involvement items yielded three factors: attraction, risk consequence and sign. The involvement factors were positively influenced by several of the motivational factors. The findings provide baseline information in understanding more about rock climbers which will prompt theoretical research and provide practical applications for this growing outdoor activity in China



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