Participant Impact of the Conservation Corps Experience


  • Mat D. Duerden Brigham Young University
  • Michael B. Edwards North Carolina State University
  • Robin Lizzo University of Illinois


conservation corps, service learning, quasi-experimental design


This study examined the impact of conservation corps experiences on participants. Based upon existing gaps in the conservation corps literature and drawing from research on other comparable programs, this study addressed the following research questions: did involvement in a conservation corps program increase participants' (a) intention to pursue natural resource management related careers or education, (b) positive attitudes towards public lands, and (c) environmental activism? A quasi-experimental design was used to answer these questions. The participant group for the study came from 10 different Public Lands Service Coalition corps in the Western United States during the 2011 season. The comparison group was recruited from an online panel drawn from the same states as the participating PLSC organizations. ANCOVA results revealed that participants experienced positive growth in relation to the comparisons over the course of their involvement in the program.



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