New Horizons: Studies From Around the Globe and a New Publishing Partnership


  • Andrew J. Bobilya
  • Raymond A. Poff



This issue of the Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership marks the first to be published by Sagamore Publishing LLC as part of the new long-term publishing partnership among Sagamore, the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education, the WKU Research Foundation, and the Wilderness Education Association. The JOREL editorial team and JOREL Advisory Board express their appreciation for the support provided by WKU TopScholar and Bepress since the inception of the journal. As a team, we are looking forward to the opportunities partnering with Sagamore will afford the journal. We want to thank our editorial assistant, Jamie Terry, for her faithful attention to details leading to the publication of JOREL for the past 4 years. Jamie has been a pleasure to work with and we have appreciated her positive effect on the quality of the journal. Stay tuned for further information on the new JOREL website and manuscript management system using Sagamore's platform.






Editor's Notes